Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boston Food To-Do List

In the wake of an epic Game 7 win for the Boston Bruins during last night's Stanley Cup Final, my days in this city are winding down for the summer. In a little over two weeks, I will have moved out of my temporary summer housing back home to Upstate New York, packed up my things, and be on my way to Buenos Aires for 5 weeks. The study abroad program through my university is a Spanish language intensive trip. I'll be living with a host family for three weeks, taking 4 hours of classes Monday through Friday, then traveling through Patagonia and other regions for the remaining weeks. I am thrilled to go and particularly hopeful to learn some traditional Argentine recipes while I'm there.

That said, this departure is making me realize all the great things about New England I'll miss this summer - including the food! So I made a list of my top three New England dishes I'm determined to try before heading to Argentina. I've been planning to make these for forever, but I figured putting them in writing will motivate me to finally conquer these Boston favorites. Look for these recipes to come!

1) Lobster Roll
One of my fondest summer memories is visiting my cousins on Cape Cod, eating at the local fish shack and busting into the freshest lobster I have ever tasted. There's nothing like New England seafood, and in the world of underwater cuisine, lobster is king. Although I've only eaten a lobster roll once, last year with my grandparents at the famous Stephanies on Newbury, I have talked about making my own for months.

2) New England Clam Chowder
This easy, classic recipe is a staple in traditional Boston cuisine. I usually associate soup with the winter months, but clam chowder has always reminded me of east coast summers. Plus, making a big batch of soup for a week's worth of meals saves you time, money and allows you to focus on the rest of your busy schedule.

3) Corn Bread
This one goes hand in hand with clam chowder - classic and easy to make! Corn bread is one of those foods that grew on me as I got older, and now I'm an avid fan. My mom has a fantastic recipe I'm hoping to steal that is super dense and sweet like traditional New England corn bread, although I think I might mix it up with a little something extra.


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