Monday, October 18, 2010

Food Beginnings

In the time that it's taken me to create this blog, my roommate and her boyfriend have stormed into the kitchen in our modest university apartment and scoured the fridge for desirable lunch options. After rummaging through the pantries for fifteen minutes, the disgruntled boyfriend finally settled on an unappetizing selection of frozen mystery meat from our campus on-the-go food service, and unbeknownst to him, provided me with the perfect impetus for my first post.

Food has always been a central aspect of my well-being. Growing up, family gatherings included excessive homemade feasts, resulting in the ordinary heap of leftovers. I sat down with my parents and siblings every night to a well-prepared meal as we cycled through the events of our day. Once I moved away to college, I quickly learned that this is not the norm in most American households these days. In our fast-paced society, people don't have time to prepare good quality food or even enjoy what they eat anymore. My goal is to prove that it's possible to create delectable meals, even while balancing classes, exams, a job, clubs and a typical college social life. Whether you're throwing a dinner party for your friends, baking a cake for a loved one's birthday, or just trying to make breakfast without breaking the bank, good eating is easy.

My plan is to post several times a week about recipes I've found or created, and recommend new food to try. I'm not a chef, and I'm not in culinary school. I'm just your average college undergrad who loves to cook and share food with her friends. I do, however, have a dream of one day creating my own catering company, so if you have any feedback as to what looks good or what to improve on, feel free to share. (I'll try to post pictures of the food I share to make this blog more aesthetically enticing, but since all I have currently is a camera phone stick with me until I invest in a higher quality camera.)

On that note, I've got midterms to study for. Stay tuned for my first featured recipe!


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